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about steel alloys & services

We strive to offer high quality products and services for the industry

Steel Alloys & Services (SAS) strives to offer high quality steel products and services for the oil and gas industry. We are dedicated to being the best possible supplier by providing on time order processing and excellent customer service.

Dan Benditz former CEO of Continental Alloy & Services started up Steel Alloys & Services (SAS) to bring back the type of performance, quality and expectations that the energy service industry demands and expects. After many years of leading his former company to dominate their sector of material management, Dan and SAS expects to be at the forefront of this industry again.

Steel Alloys & Services started up in Houston, TX in 2016 with a first-class facility that’s strategically located. SAS has brought in an enormous number of talented individuals from around the industry. SAS has engineers and skilled professionals in the down hole completion tool sector.

Steel Alloys & Services partners with their vendors and customers to provide Products, Services, logistics and management of their steel pipe, tube and bar inventories. Steel Alloys & Services brings the “WIN” approach to their customers’ needs. Want It Now! We do not desire to be just a “Just In Time” supplier but to be proactive in supplying those needs in the industry that demands that service.

  • The evolution of the oil and gas industry has demanded materials to withstand higher pressures, temperatures, and stresses than previously required.
  • SAS has the quality control measures and engineers in place to assure that our steel meets or exceeds each customer’s specific needs.
  • Health and safety play a major role in our business strategy, and our workplace reflects that. We are dedicated to training our employees to operate within our strict safety regulations, so that each employee from top to bottom can suggest improvements to our safety regulations.