Custom Metal Alloy Services

Our Services

Steel Alloys & Services offers value-added services such as cutting, machining, threading, and heat-treating with air and ocean freight, Customs control, and Dock to Stock services.

Materials Management

  • SAS has the capability to stock and supply a wide range of different products fit for custom metal alloy services.
  • We work step-by-step with customers to fully understand their unique situation and provide the exact material.

Material Management

  • SAS is dedicated to having personable relationships with our customers, having constant communication to understand each customer’s needs.
  • Logistics Support Services
    • Using real time tracking, and coordination through known established transportation networks, SAS is determined to provide continuous updates to ensure on time delivery. Every time.

Manufacturing & Precision Machining

  • SAS offers down-hole component parts and completions tools such as
    • Crossovers, pup joints, flow couplings and blast joints
    • Line hangers, packers, and expandable products
    • Turnkey finished sub-components for complex completion tools
    • General Components
    • Proprietary items
  • Precision Machining Abilities
    • Bead blasting * Brush Rolling * Coating * Custom Cutting * Drilling * Five-axis precision manufacturing * Grooving * Honing   Milling * Straightening * Threading * Trepanning * Turning
  • Custom Services
    • Bar coding * Coordinate-measuring machine (CMM) inspection * Coating * Drifting * Heat treating * Inspection * Maintenance (brush, roll, and spray) * Packing and crating for export * Product transportation (fully insured) * Repair * Stamping * Stenciling * Storage * Ultrasonic Testing

Custom Metal Alloy Services