Steel Alloys & Services Launched

In 2014, former CEO of Continental Alloy & Services Dan Benditz launched Steel Alloys & Services, bringing back the type of performance, quality and expectations that the energy service industry demands and expects. After many years of leading his former company and dominating their sector of material management, Dan and Steel Alloys & Services expect to be at the forefront of the industry.

Steel Alloys & Services starts the first step of this process in Scotland. Scott Reid partners up with Dan after 30 years of energy industry experience. Scott brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and industry experience to run and operate in the UK.

Steel Alloys & Services will partner with their customers to provide Products, Services, Logistics and management of their steel pipe, tube and bar inventories. They bring the “WIN” approach to their customers’ needs, “Want It Now!” They do not desire to be just a “Just In Time” supplier, but to be proactive in supplying the needs in the industry that demand that level of service.

Bloomberg Energy & Oil Markets

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