Steel Alloys & Services Expands To Calgary, AB

Steel Alloys & Services is proud to announce the opening of our new offices in Calgary, Canada; with Mr. Kent Cameron as our Managing Director. Kent brings over 18 years experience in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, specializing in downhole completions and cased hole wireline. With Kent's wealth of knowledge and years of experience in…
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Steel Alloys & Services announces UK expansion

Steel Alloys & Services announces the further enhancement of their UK facility. This will allow for increased ability to stock and supply Tubing, Casing with Tubular Accessories. This expansion will also further our capacity to house, cut and ship both solid bars & coupling stock in billets lengths to meet growing customer¬†demands and expectations. In…
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Steel Alloys & Services Launched

In 2014, former CEO of Continental Alloy & Services Dan Benditz launched Steel Alloys & Services, bringing back the type of performance, quality and expectations that the energy service industry demands and expects. After many years of leading his former company and dominating their sector of material management, Dan and Steel Alloys & Services expect…
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